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Dr. Rohitash Chandra

rohitash chandra

Science and Technology has been of much interest to me since my early childhood. In 2007, I had the opportunity to travel to North Cyprus and work as a Teaching and Research Assistant in Computer Engineering at the Middle East Technical University. My students introduced me to Linux and ever since I have been using the Linux Ubuntu operating systems. I wanted to contribute all that I have leaned in my past travels to Fiji. In 2010, I joined the Fiji National University as a Lecturer in Computing Science and found that the department was not much aware of Linux and Open Source Software. I coordinated the development of undergraduate and masters programmes in Information Systems and Computer Science and made emphasis that Open Source Software should be used for teaching at the university level. A university should not promote proprietary software and products from companies. The amount of money spend on software in universities can be reduced if open source software solutions are used and student fees can be lowered.

In September 2010, I presented a seminar on “Linux and the Open Source World” and proposed that a software foundation should be formed in Fiji which helps in the enhancement of information and communication technologies. The Ubuntu Linux is Free and Opensource and has been efficient and reliable to enable me to complete my PhD in Computer Science at Victoria University Wellington in March 2012. I have been working hard and with help from a group of interested people, we have brought this foundation forward. Open source software solution are very reliable, virus free, cost effective (completely free) and can be used in government departments, primary and secondary schools, universities, businesses, large organisations and industry. The goal of Software Foundation Fiji is to create this awareness so that people have the freedom to choose and make their use of software technology easier and cost effective.


Email: coordinator@softwarefoundationfiji.org

Dr. Rohitash Chandra, Lecturer in Computer Science, Japan- Pacific ICT Centre, School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences, University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus, Fiji