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Open Source Revolution in Fiji Continues

Software Foundation organised Linux for Beginners workshop at USP Laucala and Lautoka Campus on the 2nd Ausgust 2014. A total of 27 participants took part in Laulaca Campus and 15 in Lautoka Campus through distance mode. Software Foundation used Moodle for its eLearning. The partcipants ranged from information technology experts to high school students.

Mr. Rajiv Goundar and Mr. Shelvin chand facilitated the distance mode in USP Lautoka Campus. Dr. Rohitash Chandra coordinated the event at the Laucala Campus with instructors that included  Mr. Faraaz Mustapha and Mr. Shivanesh Lal.  Mr. Ravishel Naicker, Ms. Swaran Ravindra and Mrs. Ronika Chandra provided further organisational support.

Seven staff from Fiji Nation Provident Fund (FNPF) took part in the event as FNPF is exploring options to migrate to Open Source Software such as Libre Office and Linux in the near future.

The participants gave a positive feedback about the workshop and look forward to future events by the foundation.

Software Foundation is thankful to School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences for sponsoring the venue and refreshments for the workshop. We also thank USP Lautoka Campus for providing the venue for the distance and flexible mode.


The workshop highlights the philosophy behind free open source software such as Linux which has the same features of other operating systems such as Windows and Apple Macintosh. Advantages of Linux over them are that it is free to use, efficient, and free from viruses. The workshop includes seminars, tutorial sessions and demonstrations for installation using Linux Ubuntu Mint. The Seminar covers open source philosophy, history of Ubuntu and Mint, features and compatibility, problems and solutions. The tutorial sessions gives hands on experience to Linux desktop computing to participants who may not have any prior usage of Linux. Short exercise will be gives to participants during the tutorial sessions. Multimedia on Linux with Safety and Security will also be covered in the workshop. Demonstration of Linux Installation with Discussion of Linux and Open Source adoption for Education, government and industry ends the workshop.

Preparing for Book Launch: Being at Home

Software Foundation President, Dr. Rohitash Chandra was interviewed by Fiji Sun journalist, Ms. Zafiya Shamim about the upcoming launch of collection of poetry and essays, Being at Home. Here is the interview.




E-Learning Package for Secondary Schools

Would you like your school to have state of art e-learning systems such as Khan Academy Lite, Koha for library management  and Moodle for e-learning? Would you like school students to have same access to technology as given in universities?

Would you like to enable students with access to Internet and e-learning resources on their Tablets and Laptops at school? Software Foundation offers affordable e-learning package for secondary schools e to promote e-learning in Fiji.

E-Learning Package for Secondary Schools

Software and Services

  1. Installation for Moodle, Khan Academy Lite and Koha
  2. Proxy Server for Monitoring Internet Content (to block some sites)
  3. Maintenance of Software Systems
  4. Training of Teachers and Admins
  5. Educational videos (Tutorials and documentaries)
  6. Education Softwares
  7. Open Source Software Installation and Support (Linux and Open Office)
  8. Printer management
  9. Big Blue Button
  10. Khan Academy Videos
  11. Cloud Computing Solutions


The Laptop and Tablet Appeal

Do you have Laptops and Tablets that are working but you are not using as they may be few years old or infected with viruses? Would you like see them being used by students for e-learning in schools in Fiji?

Software Foundation is currently working on a pilot project for e-learning in secondary schools. We have been advising Vunimono High School in Nausori for their e-learning project where Form 6 and 7 students will be able to bring their Laptops and Tablets and use in school. The school has purchased a server that provides wireless intranet connection throughout the school premises. The server will host Khan Academy Lite, Educational Videos, Wikipedia and other educational material for Intranet. The school is now using Moodle and is one of the few schools in Fiji that has dual boot Windows/Linux in its lab computers. (more…)

Foundation celebrates Girls and Women in ICT day

Software Foundation celebrated the Girls and Women in ICT day held at the Japan Pacific ICT Centre on  23rd May, 2014.

The event features featured discussions and exhibitions from a number of stakeholders in ICT. Several secondary schools participated in the event that includes Vunimono High School who won the prize in the secondary school quiz competition. Photos of the event is available here: (more…)

Excellence in Research

The IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) is the premier conference in the area of Artificial Neural Networks and also ranked as A tier publication in the ERA 2010 conference rankings. SFF AICRG   had 3 full papers accepted for presentation and publication at IJCNN to be held in Beijing China in July this year.  Website: http://www.ieee-wcci2014.org/

The publication process in Computer Science is different from other fields. In Computer Science, due to the rapid change in technology, fast publication method is needed.  Conferences in computer has the same peer review process as journals. Full research paper (usually 8-10 pages)  are  peer reviewed and once accepted, then the authors are invited to present at the conference. At the conference, the papers are published and also indexed in major databases (such as dblp) similar to journals. The published papers are referenced similar to journals and also ranked in similar way according to measures such as the h index. (more…)

Online survey: Internet and mobile devices

Software Foundation Fiji (SFF) will join Consumer Council Fiji in Celebrating World Consumer Rights Day at the University of the South Pacific (USP) on the Friday 14th of March from 10am – 1pm. The venue for the event is the FBE Postgraduate Lecture Theatre, USP Laucala Campus. The theme of the event is consumer rights in mobile phone usage, “fix your phone rights” which is given by Consumers International and celebrated throughout the world.

This survey will allow us to gain an insight into the problems and issues which are affecting the general public with regards to the usage of mobile based devices and services in the country. Your support will help us highlight the weaknesses in order for improvements that are needed. The data collected from here will be used for the World Consumer Rights Day Awareness. The analysis and results will be published in SFF website and local newspapers.Your support is very much appreciated. (more…)

SFF will celebrate World Consumer Rights Day

Software Foundation Fiji (SFF) will join Consumer Council Fiji in Celebrating World Consumer Rights Day at the University of the South Pacific (USP) on the Friday 14th of March from 10am – 1pm. The venue for the event is the FBE Postgraduate Lecture Theatre, USP Laucala Campus. The theme of the event is consumer rights in mobile phone usage, “fix your phone rights” which is given by Consumers International and celebrated throughout the world.

The major industry stakeholders and government officials will be present at the event to listen to your concerns about mobile phone products and services. The event is open to the general public. This will be the best opportunity to raise your views to make a difference. Discussion session will include topics such as mobile phones, Cyber-bullying, mobile Internet charges and service quality, mobile Internet safety with highlights about child safety on the Internet.

The Chief Guest of the event will be Mr. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum Attorney General, Minister for Industry and Trade. USP President and Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rajesh Chandra will be present to welcome the Chief and give remarks about the  theme of the event. Consumer Council CEO, Ms. Premila Kumar will give a talk about the theme of the event and its importance in Fiji. (more…)

Safety on the Internet

The safety and security of children while using Internet whether on phone or computers in a major issue in Fiji and the rest of the world. Internet service providers (ISPs) can censor adult content using the age of the children by monitoring their SIM card details. The SIM card on mobile phones  contain date of birth of users that are required during registration. ISPs should give information about censorship in the media so that parents are aware not to give their phones to children.

ISPs should be required by the government  to spend little percentage of their budget that is used for media advertising to give safety tips in using Mobile phones and safety tips about monitoring their children. (more…)

Getting ready for World Consumer Rights Day with Consumer Council Fiji

Software Foundation Fiji’s team is getting ready to celebrate World Consumer Rights Day with Consumer Council Fiji at the University of the South Pacific, Suva on 14th March from 10am – 1pm.

The event will feature presentations from key consumer rights advocates. There will be a discussion session with questions and answers  regarding mobile phones, internet charges and services, mobile internet safety and responsibilities of parents and internet service providers on child safety  that will be hosted by Dr. Rohitash Chandra, Founder and Acting President of Software Foundation Fiji.

All members of the public, government ministries, universities, students and relevant stakeholders are invited to participate ad raise their concerns  in the event.