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Fiji Internet Campaign

“Fiji’s internet service charges are extremely high in relation to the GDP per capita and the poverty line. It appears that Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are misleading customers into internet plans while overcharging them without prior consent – for example when data caps are reached. This is common for mobile internet and postpay services.

In some instances the terms and conditions of the internet plans contain fine print that does not lay out charges clearly. Even if customers sign up for these plans, the terms and conditions are not aired out clearly to them. The ordinary customer does not prefer to read every word of the terms and conditions. It is unfair trade and commercial practice that certain ISP’s are allowed to take advantage of this fact.

The ‘Fijian Internet Campaign’ is a response from the people of Fiji to ISP’s to improve their services and lower the costs. The goal is to reduce internet charges by 30 percent so that it becomes affordable for Fijians who can then be part of the global ICT community. All those who are taking part in this campaign will be required to refrain from the use of Internet for two hours on 15th January from 6-8pm.

A petition will also be signed and delivered to the government by end of January.”

Other Issues:

1. ISP’s must provide internet privacy – safe option plans free of charge for parents who can then control pornographic and violent websites from children.

2. Children must ONLY be given filtered internet access where pornographic and violent websites are not accessible in the mobile phones.

3. Data purchased for prepay Internet must not have expiry dates.

4. Mobile service providers should give free talk-time to their users for sending promotional text messages that gets annoying from time to time.

5. Free phone line service must be provided for costumers who can get help on technical and payment issues with internet.

Need Updates:

The Commerce Commission has been promising the people of Fiji for the past two years that Internet charges will decrease by 30 percent and then eventually go down by 60 percent.

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